Allocking, your partner in access

Allocking develops, manufactures, distributes, places, assembles, repairs and maintains a wide range of access solutions. A malfunctioning access affects the continuity and efficiency of your company’s core activities. Our mission is to unburden you by making your access infrastructure work excellently and cost-optimally, always and everywhere. For this purpose, we provide a top team, a wide range of access products and flexible service formulas.

Our expertise lies in:

Our access solutions are used in the following industries, among others:

  • medical care institutions;
  • life sciences & health;
  • residential care centers, rest and nursing homes;
  • the food industry & the food retail sector;
  • retail, supermarkets, wholesale distribution.

In addition to our services in installation and maintenance, we have a very extensive stock of locks and parts which offers our technicians an extra fast and efficient response speed.

If you wish to maintain your access yourself or if you are an installer yourself, you can make use of our technical wholesale activity and our extensive stock and order all useful and necessary access components and accessories from us. Make sure to take a look at our webshop or call or email us!

  • Are you a facility manager at an SME, a large company, or a government agency?
  • Are you an independent business owner with a utility building?
  • Are you working with a provider of facility management services?
  • Are you an installer of systems for building automation, access control, security systems, …?
  • Are you an architect, study office, building manager, real estate project developer, contractor?

Our experienced project managers and technicians are always at your service!

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