In addition to our activities as a technical wholesaler in electrical locking components, automatic door systems and access control, we also offer professional advice and technical support services in these areas.

In recent years, we have worked on a multitude of projects with partners, suppliers, installers and customers. This led us to in-depth experience that allows us to efficiently devise and implement solutions for all your access challenges.

Our complementary activity as a technical wholesaler also has a number of important advantages. Firstly, it brings us both broad and deep product knowledge, enabling us to provide precise and brand-independent advice. Secondly, it gives us all the more responsiveness to projects because we often have the right material in stock.

Are you a facility manager at an SME, a large company or a government agency? Are you a project manager at a facility management services provider? Are you an installer of systems for home automation, access control, security, …? Our experienced technicians are always at your service.



We support you in the conception and implementation of access solutions. Our project managers and technicians are happy to help you.



We also offer interesting maintenance formulas for all our solutions. Talk to your account manager about it.



Do you need our help for an urgent repair? Our intervention team is always stand-by! Get in touch quickly.

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Klara De Smedt


“We got in touch with Allocking some time ago through our electrician. We were immediately inspired by their innovative nature. Given that De Winkelhaak | House of C invests relentlessly in this area too, Allocking seemed like the ideal partner to support us and our electrician and deliver a new access control system.

In practice, we needed to get a decent overview of who was coming and going in our meeting rooms. Allocking joined in our thinking about the possibilities, budgeting, practical execution and everything else, always in a customer-focused manner.

In the end, their solution turned out to be the best you could find on the market. The software supplied with it is also replete with features, even for complex companies.

This, along with Allocking's expertise, availability and drive made this project a success.

Both we and our electrician were enchanted with Allocking's operation, for which we are very thankful!”

Klara De Smedt
Stijn Vastiau


“About two years ago, we were looking for a partnership with a distributor of mainly mechanical locks. This was when we first encountered Allocking. In the first instance, we began with a small project, a question of getting to know one another and getting a sense of each other's capabilities. Given how superbly that project went, the next few commissions followed rapidly. Today, we work together on an almost weekly basis.

Allocking has an extremely broad product range, which enables us to serve our customers even better. If there's any point when I can't answer a customer's question directly, Allocking definitely can!

Because I have a single point of contact for Allocking, I can work with them very efficiently. And, let's be honest, this kind of personal approach is a lot more enjoyable too!

Their showroom is also a sight to behold - it gives you a concrete impression of all the possibilities as a customer.

Finally, I'd like to put the aftercare from the support services in the spotlight too. You can always count on Allocking, even once a project is completed."

Stijn Vastiau
Gert Horio


“I got to know Allocking some time ago via the Beobank headquarters. It immediately became clear why Beobank often liked to work with Allocking and why I was referred to them as a result.

Our initial introduction over the phone was great, there was an account manager in the area who had no hesitation in coming to see us, the solution was ideal for my needs and the delivery was highly effective, respecting the plans I'd made. In short, then, our collaboration was fast, accurate and correct.

Allocking's product range allows me to structure my business better, which is a very nice solution for the sector and a great boon for me!

Allocking is a company with the right values at heart. Their word is their bond and the customer is king. That's how we operate too. Perhaps that's why we get on so well together!”

Gert Horio

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Our years of experience with a wide range of customers, every one of them different, gives us the expertise to help you out with all manner of access solutions in a targeted manner too. Here you can find a selection of our clients with which we have or had a productive relationship.