Lead distributor and installer of automatic doors from Record, Topp and Metaflex

As the lead distributor and installer in Belgium of record and Topp automatic doors, Allocking offers you a wide range of state-of-the-art entrance automation solutions, ranging from automatic sliding doors over revolving doors and turnstiles to folding doors and more.

Record is the market leader in the Netherlands and France. Record automatic doors are powered by exceptionally powerful technology and are known for their Swiss precision. Curious about the full range of record? Then take a look at their website!

Topp produces door operators with the ideal balance between design, functionality, technology and creativity. Topp Italian elegance. Curious about the full Topp range? Then take a look at their website!

Metaflex is the specialist for airtight doors, door systems and advanced automatic doors in sectors where hygiene and safety are central. From healthcare to food industry and pharma. Curious about the full range of Metaflex? Then take a look at their website!

Repair and maintenance of all automatic doors

Thanks to broad product training and continuous learning, our technicians have the knowledge that enables Allocking to offer the repair and maintenance of automatic doors of all major brands. Namely not only Topp and record, the two brands that we install ourselves, but also Assa Abloy, Boon Edam, dormakaba, Erreka, Faac, Geze, Kone, Portalp, Tormax, ...

Our maintenance and repair service is always ready to guarantee trouble-free operation of all your automatic doors.

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Types of doors

Sliding and folding doors

Sliding and folding doors

  • Safe, user-friendly solution
  • Different styles and configurations possible
Portes tournantes

Revolving doors

  • Prevent drafts and energy loss
  • Provide a maximum opening width on a minimum surface
Carousel doors

Carousel doors

  • Contribute to better climate control
  • Different variations and models possible
  • Suitable for a large number of passers-by

Specific applications

Burglar-resistant doors

  • Burglar-resistant and impact-resistant glass
  • Fully lockable at the touch of a button
  • Anti-lift blocks and puncture protection

Escape route doors

  • Door leaves open in the escape direction
  • Maximum opening to promote flow
  • Doors that open automatically in case of power failure / emergency power supply

Heat insulating doors

  • Effective thermal barrier

Hermetic doors

  • Hermetic sealing ensures a clean working environment
  • Suitable for laboratories, food processing companies, chemical companies and medical establishments

Sound-absorbing doors

  • Materials with sound-insulating, sound-absorbing and vibration-insulating characteristics
  • Prevent noise nuisance and stress
  • Suitable for conference rooms, cultural centers, discotheques, technical spaces etc.

Hygiene-friendly doors

  • Facilitating the maintenance of an impeccable environment
  • Flat and rounded surfaces ensure that the dirt cannot adhere
  • Door openers of antimicrobial materials

Anti-radiation doors

  • The lead entrance blocks the passage of radiation
  • Provide protection against electron, X-rays and gamma rays

Access control doors

  • Facilitating, checking and separating passenger and vehicle traffic
  • Security lock with infrared sensors and volumetric detection to prevent unauthorized access

Smoke resistant doors

  • Automatic closing sequence in combination with overlapping doors
  • The attraction of oxygen to the fire and the spread of hot smoke throughout the building are delayed

Water resistant doors

  • Unique watertight door automator
  • Ideal for situations where vapor, high humidity, water or other liquids play a major role

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